As part of the ARC+ Buildgreen program, Grove Properties is hosting a series site visits to the 4045 Bonita project for a discussion about the LEED process and the design challenges taking place:

  • Building orientation for solar design - Bonita is oriented to take advantage of south-facing roof areas for future solar installation and south-facing windows that will be shaded in the summer (thereby reducing the amount of air conditioning needed).
  • Infill development and previously developed land - The home is located in an existing and well-established community that’s bordered by homes on all sides. Since this home is being built on previously developed land, it won’t contribute to urban sprawl, doesn’t put a new drain on natural resources, and uses existing utility connections.
  • Extensive community resources and transit and access to open space - Also due to the home’s location in a well-established neighborhood, the project has achieved points for being located within a quarter mile of at least seven basic community resources such as shopping centers, places of worship, and public transit. The home is also within half mile of public access to open park space. This aspect of the home’s location enhances community walkability (lessening the need for vehicle use), which contributes to greenhouse gas reductions and health benefits.