SMASH Has Site Control for Community Land Trust!

Point in Time” count for overall unsheltered homeless was 1011. National LGBTQ Task Force estimates that up to 40% of all homeless youth are LGBTQ. Miami-Dade’s shelters have been at capacity for years, and most lack intentional spaces for this at risk population.
— Miami-Dade Homeless Trust 2017
Gentrification has made Miami the most unaffordable city in America. When families can’t afford to live anywhere, they are forced to live in slum buildings, with rats, mold, mildew, roach infestations, disease, unsanitary conditions and slumlords who refuse to do anything about it. Slumlords continue to get away with this abuse because low-income families have no other choice, and every decent dwelling is too expensive. There are an estimated 150 families in Miami living in these severe conditions, and over 100,000 dwellings that are not up to code.
— Right to the City Renter Nation Report 2015
Our solution-Expedited Housing Project Pilot Program
An eco-friendly 3-Unit Building with affordable and LGBTQ transitional housing programs mixed with market-rate rentals on a Community Land Trust in Liberty City, Miami, FL
— Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing (SMASH)