Introducing middle urbanism into a Miami fabric

Miami has perfected two paradigms for living: the detached single-family house and the apartment or condominium high-rise. For the last 50 years the car has reigned supreme and little thought was given to walkable urbanism.

In Savannah, we witnessed a radically different model for living – infill urbanism. Within a height limited urban fabric composed of small lots, endless alternatives occur which embrace their dimensional limits with invention and creativity. While the overall massing of building may be prescribed, the internal configurations are unique and customized to reflect a wide range of living possibilities.

This project seeks to import infill urbanism into the Miami fabric. Micro-apartment buildings bring together different families and living situations under one roof.

As in Project One, built-ins shall be employed to define the everyday activities of each individual artist. Please refer to Edward Ford’s discussion of inglenooks as a reference in “The Detail as Dissonant Element: Architecture as Furniture” Chapter 15 of his book: Ford, Edward, Five Houses, Ten Details, (Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2009)

There are three sites for this project.

Site One Studios - Peterson, Rigau - Spring 2017

A 400’-0” x 210’-0” block locating in South Miami at
SW 63rd street and SW 64th Street & SW 59th Place and SW 59th Avenue
This site can be composed of (32) 25’-0” x 94’-0” lots with a 22’-0” wide east-west alley

Site Two - Studios: Contin, Alucio, Puente

A 600’-0” x 160-0” block located in North Miami at
NW 79th street and NW 78th Street & 24th Avenue and 23rd Street This site can be composed of (24) 25’-0” x 160’-0” lots

Site Three Studios - Sanchez & Ottchen

A 48,450 square foot irregular site in Miami Beach at
Indian Creek Drive and Collins Avenue & 27th street and 26th street
This is site has a 150’-0” x 300”-0” area for building and a 150’ x 46’ open park
This site can be composed of (12) 25’-0” x 139’-0” lots with a 22”-0” wide north-south alley