Integrated Building Systems
Course Number: ARC 5483-U01 

IBS/ARC+ Buildgreen Exercise

Address: 234 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Fl Visit: October 14th, 2016
Go to the Site Visit (Sofi House), and locate all the elements listed below. Use the photographs of the construction site and based on your field observations, please highlight the following items:

Ground Floor height and access systems - Parking access - Pedestrian access

Existing historical building


Structural Joints and Details

Slab systems, joists - ribs - tendons - connectors

Column and beams systems. Concrete? Steel?

Crawl space + Piping

Spot Elevations

“As a builder with an Architectural background, I understand the challenges students face and know the importance of real world experience. Buildworks and South Florida are both beneficiaries of a highly skilled work force, and we are thrilled to be a founding sponsor of the Architectural Research Collaborative. I view this as a natural extension of our constant commitment to building a better Miami and our continued support of FIU and the Miami Beach Urban Studios, ” - Joey Woodworth