"Using home-decorating items and suburban architectural elements, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova works in areas of personal space to deconstruct the domestic environment. Born in Havana, Rodriguez-Casanova now lives and works in Miami, where he creates sculptures and installations that are informed by Minimalist, Modernist, and Conceptual art. Often placing familiar items within a new context, Rodriguez-Casanova creates contradictions of perception for his viewer through contrasting elements, like organic features among rigid, functional architecture. Rodriguez-Casanova’s work is foremost concerned with environmental psychology and the social, cultural, and autobiographical implications of place. In An Uneven Floor, he took a common household item—carpet—and subverted its utilitarian functions, like comfort and stability. In this site-specific installation, Rodriguez-Casanova used an uneven floor covered in plush pink carpet to ultimately create a sense of instability."